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We’re COVID19 prepared. Find out more here



  • Am I eligible for NDIS?
  • Eligibility requirements for NDIS can vary for different people and situations. Basic requirements include:

    • Aged between 7 to 65
    • Holds Australian Citizenship, Australian Permanent Residency, or holds a Protected Special Category Visa
    • Requires support from another person due to permanent or significant disability
    • Uses special equipment related to permanent or significant disability
    • Requires support to assist with future needs and tasks
  • Are there sprinklers?
  • All Ability Apartments are fitted with fire sprinklers.

  • Can guests visit more than once?
  • Yes. The activities, wellness service offerings and courses are constantly changing at CRT Program, so guests are encouraged to return regularly to see what new and exciting things are on offer. If you are a participant of the NDIS or icare you may be eligible to receive funding assistance for multiple stays up to 28 days within 12 months depending on your funding arrangements.

  • Can I bring children or family members?
  • Yes. Children, partners and friends are most welcome to stay at CRT, subject to availability of rooms. Interconnecting rooms are available if necessary and the spacious rooms can accommodate everyone from solo travellers to families.

  • Can I bring my own therapist to CRT ?
  • Guests and Club CRT members are able to bring their own support workers onsite to assist with sessions at no extra cost. If a Club CRT member would like to work onsite with an external therapist (or trainer), please first approach management to gain clearance. NOTE: There will be a small cost to the therapist (currently $20/hour) to come onsite and they must be able to demonstrate registration and insurance. External therapists need to sign in, sign out and pay at Reception. External therapists are not permitted to use the stim component of our Motomed.

  • Can I bring my personal belongings?
  • Yes, we encourage participants to bring items that will make them feel comfortable.

  • Can I employ my own supports?
  • Yes, with the exception of the overnight Supported Independent Living (SIL) support. As answered previously these supports are shared across the tenant group and provided by one SIL provider. But tenants are free to employ the daytime supports of their choice. Our Community Support Team specialist consists of Social Worker ,Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist , Behaviour Therapist Registered Nursing. The CRT CST team assess individual need base requirements.

  • Can I get financial assistance for my stays at CRT ?
  • Yes. Financial assistance for stay at CRT can be arranged through various avenues depending on your insurance scheme, your level of cover and sometimes, your financial circumstances.

    Where funding options are not available through icare or the NDIS, and guests do not have the financial means to fund their own stay, the CRT Program may offer to pay for you to stay at CRT Program (Australian residents only).

    The CRT Program sponsored stays are made possible through the generosity of the supporters of the CRT Program. Applications for a sponsored stay are assessed on a case by case basis and are based on your financial circumstances and reasons for wanting to stay at CRT .

    To discuss funding options and assistance please contact enquiries@sargoodoncollaroy or phone +61 2 8597 0600

  • Can I have a pet?
  • Yes – the landlord allows pets within reason, and subject to approval.

  • Can I have another person move in with me?
  • Your lease will stipulate that only the participant can permanently occupy the apartment. Within this framework you will be able to have visitors stay (for extended periods) at your discretion.
    The NDIA is currently reviewing their policy in regard to cohabitation and we hope to see some modified legislation around this issue soon. For more information please contact us.

  • Can I smoke in my apartment?
  • Smoking is permitted outdoors only.

  • Can I use my NDIS plan to book short-term accommodation?
  • Yes, as long as you are funded for short-term accommodation in your NDIS plan, or you have core supports to cover short-term accommodation.

  • Can I use the stim components of the Motomed?
  • To use the FES/STIM as a guest of CRT , you will need to bring your own electrodes (or purchase from us). Use requires supervision from CRT staff. Our EP will ensure you can use our equipment independently and sign you off.
    Club CRT guests can only use FES/STIM with our EP as part of their one-on-one EP appointment.

  • Can you provide transport to my work / day program, if I am at short-term accommodation?
  • Yes, we have vehicles including wheelchair accessible vehicles that are available for transport purposes.

  • Can you use Medium Term Accommodation to pay rent?
  • Usually, we don’t fund everyday expenses such as rent. For Medium Term Accommodation however, these accommodation costs are an extra expense because of your disability support needs. They’re not considered everyday expenses, as they are temporary.

    You can use your Medium Term Accommodation funding to pay for temporary accommodation of your choice. The temporary accommodation must be reasonable and necessary, and help you pursue your goals.

    You can only use this funding while you’re waiting to move into your confirmed long term housing solution. You can’t use Medium Term Accommodation to pay rent once you’re in your long term housing.

  • Do ability spa provide personalised support?
  • Ability SDA does not provide the support. They are the accommodation (building) provider only.

  • Do guests have to reside in Australia to stay at CRT ?
  • No, CRT welcomes visitors from all over the world. We have had visitors stay from international destinations including from as far as Norway and Canada.

  • Do I need to supply food?
  • No, we provide food. However, we ask if you have a special diet, that you let us know so we can ensure it is catered for.

  • Do I need to take out insurance?
  • The landlord will pay for building insurance. It is advisable for you to take out contents insurance to protect against the loss or damage of your personal possessions.

  • Do I share all my support with other tenants?
  • No, only the overnight support will be shared.

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