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  • Where does CRT provide in-home services?
  • CRT provides in-home services such as help for disabled pensioners and cleaning services for disabled adults all over Sydney. Feel supported and looked after no matter where you are:

    Westmead, Mt Druit, Carlingford, Granvile and Merrylands

  • Who are CRT Program’s SDA Providers ?
  • CRT Program working in collaboration with NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation ( SDA) registered provider specialising in building specialist disability accommodation designed adaptable dwellings . The providers of SDA have extensive experience in the disability & aged care, housing and more recently the disability sectors.

  • Who can stay at CRT Program?
  • A person living with spinal cord injury and their family, friends and/or carer.

    In booking a stay at the resort, you acknowledge that:

    Your needs meet the primary purpose of CRT , and that is to support and promote access and inclusion for people with spinal cord injury.

    Please note that:

    CRT Program cannot support you if you have significant behaviours of concern or addictions that may affect the quiet enjoyment of others.

    Staff at CRT Program are trained to support people with traumatic spinal cord injuries. If your care requirements are complex and likely to exceed the staff’s skill set, you might be required to bring your own trained support.

  • Who can support you to explore Housing Options?
  • When exploring housing options, including SDA, it is helpful to have support coordination and capacity building supports in your NDIS plan to help you find and move into an SDA property. You can then discuss your housing and support needs and preferences with your NDIS planner.

    Healthcare Australia’s Translation and Interpreting Service details:

    You can also access the online request via our website to search for SDA housing, create a housing seeker profile and document your housing needs and preferences

  • Who can you talk to about Medium Term Accommodation in your plan?
  • To learn more about Medium Term Accommodation, contact your Support Coordinator or LAC. You can also ask us at your next planning meeting.

  • Who is managing the Expression of Interest (EOI) process?
  • CRT SDA has appointed Community Support Team (CST) to manage the EOI process.

  • Who will be the Supported Independent Living (SIL) service provider?
  • For each building, CRT SDA appoint a SIL provider with extensive experience and a passion to assist people to live independently. The appointed SIL provider will have an initial 2-year contract. At the conclusion of the 2-year period all residents within the building will have input as to the renewal of the SIL provider.

  • Who’s eligible for Medium Term Accommodation?
  • You may be eligible for Medium Term Accommodation if you:

     need somewhere to stay because of your disability support needs, and

     have a confirmed long term housing solution, and

     can’t move into your long-term housing solution because you’re waiting for your disability related supports to be ready. For example, you might be waiting for assistive technology or home modifications.

    We can consider Medium Term Accommodation if you need somewhere to stay:

     before your confirmed place in SDA is ready to move into

     before you can move into a house and start receiving Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding or support with activities of daily living

     before your home modifications are ready and you can move in

     after leaving hospital, rehabilitation, aged care or a custodial setting. This is where

    you need somewhere to stay while you wait for your disability supports to be ready

     because of a breakdown of your supports that mean you can’t live in your current home. You might need somewhere to stay before your disability supports are ready, and you can move into your new place.

    Remember, we need evidence you have somewhere to move into at the end of your Medium Term Accommodation funding. Otherwise, we can’t fund it.
    You can use the Medium Term Accommodation Checklist to help you get ready to talk about Medium Term Accommodation support in your plan.
    If you’re not eligible for Medium Term Accommodation, we might fund other home and living supports. Check out Housing and the NDIS for more information.

  • Why is Community Access important?
  • Community Access is an integral part of everyone’s life. Accessing your community – whether it be through work, hobbies or other social activities – helps to maintain a sense of belonging and purpose for an individual. Additionally, participating and interacting with other members of the community improves self-esteem and confidence in individuals who feel they’re unable to attend events or learn new skills.

  • Why is CRT Program so unique?
  • We provide short, medium and long term accommodation and respite for people with a disability.

    Our accommodation is supported with 24/7 medical, clinical care and a full range of supports. We also provide support and plan management in sourcing and transitioning into long term accommodation.

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