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We’re COVID19 prepared. Find out more here

If you need extra support to live your best life, CRT Program's Individual Living Options (ILO) open up a new world of housing opportunities for people with disabilities.

An ILO arrangement does not provide you with the house itself or assist with the cost of your home eg rent or mortgage that you may wish to live in, but it helps you to live in the environment and with whom you may wish to live with. It is an alternative to the SIL model.

Individual Living Options gives you:

More choice and control: You choose where you live, whom you live with, and who provides support

Stronger and more meaningful connections: We focus on building targeted strategies around supports from informal networks to reduce the need for 24/7 paid support

Alternative ways of payment, such as a retainer-type basis Increased relationships and enhanced safeguards, including strong oversight and monitoring

More options: increased possibility to access mainstream housing as sharing arrangements make housing more affordable and open up opportunities

Benefits of ILO

Person-centred: your housing arrangement is built on your strengths, needs and wishes

Flexible, multi-options: there is a range of options which can suit different needs and wishes

Community Inclusion: you can live in any house

Relationships: provides a platform for developing strong relationships

Flexibility around where you live: you are not restricted to where group homes are located

Proven outcomes: hundreds of ILOs are in place already, and have been proven for over a decade

Individual Living Options gives you:

Older children (over 18) looking to leave home

People may be looking to become independent or live independently. They may have aging parents who are considering the future or they may have parents who have health issues.

Moving out of Group Homes

Living in larger groups may not suit all people and they may want to have more control over how and where they live. They may not be happy where they are and want to choose who they live with.

Unsettled - looking for a place to call home

Many people face moving around - often temporary or emergency arrangements and are looking for a permanent home where they can put down their roots and connect with their community.

Moving and life changes

People may be moving to a new area as a result of changes in their situation or by choice.

Why CRT Program?

We have an experienced and dedicated team to support you to explore all your options in an easy and informative way. Through our innovative approach, you will be supported to think about options you didn’t even know were possible.

Thanks to our large local networks, we will make things happen for you and connect you to the most appropriate providers to continue your housing journey.

Why choose CRT Program


Our services are available 24/7, 365 days a year


We are family owned and locally based so you can speak to someone that understands your needs when you call.


We source our team from Nurse Training Australia and the Royal Australian College of General Practicioners


We treat our clients like family. You have the flexibility and control to live life on your terms.

What makes an ILO different

ILO supports are designed to work with other support you receive from the NDIS, your family, friends or other networks so that you can have a:

Sense of home and belonging
Connection with others
Safe and supportive lifestyle.

ILOs provide support for an in-depth exploration and process that will identify the most suitable home and living options for you.You will have a personalised and detailed home and living supports package.


  • What is Individual Living Options (ILO)?
  • A new way the NDIS can fund flexible, contemporary and personalised home and living support packages for people with low to moderate disability support needs. ILO provides the opportunity to live in your own home, supported by a range of paid and unpaid supports, engaging family and friends. ILO enables you to explore and design different housing and support options for how, where and who you want to live with.

    This could mean sharing a home with family, friends, partners or housemates, living in the home of a host family, or on your own. With ILO supports, you will discover and decide the way you want to live beyond accommodation. With CRT Program’s support, you can create a home based on what a home really means to you. It’s not just about living arrangements but the whole of life planning.

  • How to include ILO in My NDIS Plan?
  • If a participant is looking to explore their home and living options, the NDIS recommends seeking an “Identifying Housing Solutions” package at a review (whether scheduled or unscheduled) as these processes naturally take time.The planner’s role usually involves funding an amount of support coordination for the exploration of various living options.

  • Do I need any reports to include ILO in My NDIS Plan?
  • There are no mandated reports that must be submitted, however in a practical sense an up-to-date functional assessment and a clear explanation of the preferred home and living model vs other options would be useful.