We’re COVID19 prepared. Find out more here

We’re COVID19 prepared. Find out more here

About us

We provide NDIS participants who need urgent short term accommodation and care with a seamless transition without stress for them or their carers. This is a unique community based social health integrated model which has not existed in the Disability system until now. This patented approach enables Participants to live in the community while also receiving hospital grade care, giving them more choice and control for participants to live life on their own terms and a better lifestyle.

It gives Participants time to make more informed decisions about their long term accommodation plans with a professional and consultative process.

It is a better and more suitable alternative to the department of housing, homeless helpline, Hospital, or Aged care facilities.

We guarantee personal safety and security

We provide a disability helpline available 24/7


Every year 5,000 people are in crisis with safety and wellbeing issues. They seek refuge in hospitals and Aged care facilities. Our vision is to become the number 1 choice for emergency, crisis and change of circumstance transitional supported care accommodation for NDIS participants in New South Wales.


We have a continuous supply of emergency transitional supported care accommodation for
NDIS participants based in the Sydney region.

We empower participants to live life on their own terms with a client centred approach:

Listen to and meet their needs and desires

Safety and security

Choice and control – choose your staff, introduce your own staff


Empowerment we provide the opportunity for co-ownership of the property

Dignity and respect

Value for money

Our Story

The current NDIS program was never designed for people with a disability in an emergency or crisis situation. The safest option has been hospitalisation and then Aged care as the transition pathway. But this has led to beds being blocked for non acute care in hospitals and young people residing in Aged care facilities.

Aged care has typically been the only place to cater for complex care needs where where supervision and support of social and health is an integrated model. In addition the NDIS model does not including funding for crisis situations.

Here is a typical scenario. A NDIS participant living in their home experiences their carer passing away or domestic violence. They are immediately taken to hospital and one month later transferred to an Aged care facility.

However in Dec 2020 the Royal Commission stated that no NDIS participants under 65 years of age should be placed prematurely in an aged care facility; instead they should be restored back into the community. This has put major pressure on Hospitals and the Rehab system to discharge the NDIS Participants from the hospital but the challenge is there is nowhere safe for them to go.

We built the CRT Program to fill this gap. To enable NDIS participants to leave hospitals and aged care and to integrate back into the community on a short to medium term basis to enable them to safely and comfortably transition back into permanent accommodation and care.

We are the only NDIS provider that has created the same health and social integrated model as an Aged care facility but specifically for NDIS participants in crisis or change of circumstances and needing urgent care.

Registered Training Organisation

Many of our staff are sourced from our RTO Nurse Training Australia. We provide VET (Vocational Education And Training) courses to domestic and overseas students. Our main mission is to provide skills, knowledge, and practical experience to work effectively as a nursing assistant, care worker, care assistant or case manager etc.

We follow and teach students according to the standards of ASQA and ESOS Act at all levels and areas of practice including those encompassing clinical, management, education, and training & assessment facilities.

For further information and details on the courses we offer, visit https://www.nta.edu.au/