The CRT Board

Dr Nadarajah Ramesh

Dr Nadarajah Ramesh has held many key roles throughout his long career, including Director of Emergency Medicine, Executive Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer throughout Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom. He is a distinguished academic with published articles on clinical and translational research; a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in the United Kingdom; and has occupied a Research Chair in Shepparton, Victoria.

Dr Ramesh is committed to providing quality healthcare services in the local context, having been involved in the establishment of a mobile Early Rehabilitation service and Home GP service to improve Emergency Department blockages. He has also assisted the Hawkesbury District Health Service in flourishing from a rural hospital to a well-respected teaching district hospital through private–public partnerships.

Satyan Rajamani

Satyan is a specialist with over 25 years’ experience in the Australian Aged Care and Disability sector. He has worked for various government organisations as a project manager, chief project advisor and an executive director – a career path that saw him develop and commission SDA/SIL homes and design community-based care projects, all with a person-centred and culturally-specific approach.

Satyan is also an NDIS and Aged Care business coach, and advises companies on organisational structure, leadership training, internal audits, planning, process improvement, technology adoption and customer engagement. He believes the NDIS program is of great value to people living with disability, and is passionate about helping people mitigate the current challenges in the system.

Simran Maeher

Simran has 42 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse in charge of Cardiac Care Units and a Cath lab; a Registered Nurse in Intensive Care Units; a Clinical Nurse Educator; a Clinical Manager; and an Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support instructor. She has skills in medication administration, compliance reporting, diagnostic tools, physical examinations and assessments, geriatric treatment and computerised charting.

As a detail-oriented and highly organised professional, Simran is committed to delivering excellent standards of care that is focused on the patient as an individual. Alongside English, she also speaks Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati and Arabic.

Michaela Brown

Michaela has well over 10 years’ experience in consistently delivering high quality, compassionate care to seniors and people living with disability in a wide range of contexts. She is a Dementia Care specialist who has managed Dementia Day Care centres throughout

her career, and is highly experienced at providing various therapies designed to connect with people and improve quality of life.

As National Operations Manager of the Home Caring Group, Michaela is responsible for providing the group with its strategic goals and managing multidisciplinary teams that provide a wide range of home care services. She has a passion for being a spokesperson with the Aged Care and Dementia support industry, and uses her role to promote person-centred care and excellent service delivery.

Jon Kontopos

After a long career working with seniors in various capacities throughout the Aged Care industry, Jon Kontopos founded the Home Caring Group in 2015 with a vision of providing exceptional individualised home care to seniors and people living with disability.

Home Caring is now amongst the fastest growing start-ups in Australia, with numerous locations across Australia, day centres, an allied health centre and multi-disciplinary teams that care for people to the highest standards.

The company is highly regarded as an innovator and leader in the home care industry, and prides itself on delivering person-centred care that goes beyond client expectations.